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Have fun in the wild world of science through numerous highly interactive and visually captivating displays and activities.  The 11,000 sq ft Wild Science! attraction was created so that families and children can experience the entertaining aspects of science and technology in a fun and casual environment.


See how sharp your senses are with two of our stations.  How good is your sense of smell?  How about your sense of touch?  How are your Slinky skills?  Can you bend a slinky so it lands on every step as it bends it’s way to the ground?  What about your dexterity?   Find out as you attempt to move a ring along a complicated path without sounding the buzzer.  Can you tap out a tune on the Temple Blocks?   Get hands-on with the What Did You Make? area where you may build whatever you can imagine using giant foam blocks or magnetos.  Get creative with our Etch Panel, using a sheet of paper and crayons.


Kids of all ages, 1-101, will have fun in the Jumbo Bubble Making arena, where you might even trap a friend or sibling inside a bubble.   Expand your brain with our collection of puzzles and brainteasers. Do you know how to remove the large metal ring from the horseshoes?  Or, try your logic and thinking skills on our giant Chess board or Checkers Board.  Grab friends and/or family members and challenge yourself to master the mazes in our giant Orb.


Wild Science! is sure to entertain all family members at the 2022 Clark County Fair!

“This really enhanced the fair!”  Joe


“Loved the hands-on science exhibit!”


“Thanks for keeping cool and entertaining and educational stuff for the kiddos.”


“This was the Best Entertainment of the entire fair!”  Dean

“Super fun and very educational; love it!  Great Job.”  Ruiz Family


“Great for the kids! Grown-ups, too!”  A Fan


“We had a super great time!”  Turlock Nursery School


“Thank you, thank you - you are the hit of the fair!”  Ron & Lily


 Got that itch to do something daring, something to get the pulse running hard? You want to drive at high speeds? Can you out drive the best! The Nascar Experience can put you behind the wheel of an authentic NASCAR race car and let you see what it's like to go bumper to bumper at 190 mph.


"This is the trainer that NASCAR drivers use before they race," the course, the engine noise roaring out of the amplifiers. Even the vibration is felt in the race car! It is a 4 speed shifter that give you precise timing. . These are cars that have been driven by top cup drivers such as Jimmy Johnson and Matt Kenseth





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